The Doyle Club is the premier, long established, discreet organisation providing prestigious networking opportunities for people engaged in, or associated with, construction, property, development and FM.

Meetings of The Doyle Club take place at lunchtime in the City of London, on the first Thursday of each month and attract around 300 members and guests. Most meetings are sponsored by Member’s respective companies and are conducted in a relaxed, convivial atmosphere. Members of The Doyle Club enjoy a strong spirit of friendship and camaraderie.

Membership of The Doyle Club is strictly by recommendation and invitation only and only members can book our ticket only events. Other than any expense incurred to one’s own account (the bar) at meetings, membership of The Doyle Club costs nothing. Yes that means free! We provide industry leading seminars before each network meeting and hold 4 special events a year.

We are informal and very relaxed. Humour and enjoyment is however, our mantra. If you would like to join but do not know a Member or would simply like to find out more about becoming a member of the Doyle Club, then our Chairman, Brad Bamfield or Senior Vice chairman, Mark Lye would be delighted to hear from you.

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Moneypenny look after telephone calls for one man bands, small and large businesses that's all they do and they win awards for doing it. 

  • Telephone answering - your own PA looking after calls as if they were in your own office
  • Penelope Phone System - receive calls on any device, anywhere and transfer them between colleagues
  • Outsourced switchboard - brilliant receptionists, supporting or replacing your existing team
  • Digital receptionist - technology that removes the need for a switch

It’s our drive for innovation that fuels this technology, fuels our success, and makes life easier for you.  More


Pinnacle ConsuPinnaclelting Engineers. A leading provider of construction related services We Provide consultancy in the following sectors:

  • Structural engineering
  • Building information modelling - BIM
  • Flood management
  • Pre-development engineering
  • Engineering masterplanning
  • Infrastructure design
  • Due diligence

Across residential, Retail, Technology,Energy, Public sector and Commercial sectors  More



6th November 14

Outsourcing back office, receptionist and switchboards, effectiveness and management.

Details on new technology, new telecom options, how FM solutions are more financially viable, helpdesk management and call centres.

Moneypenny are the leading suppliers and innovators of many services and will review where the market is going and how technology over the next few years will cahnge the way we work.


4th December 14

Cobine Carmelson reduces risks to Assets, Income and Reputation and how to make insurers pay.

 The last two Cobine Carmelson Doyle seminars have concentrated on the risk of inadequate procurement and ensuring risk management is embedded in a business.

 Once you've done that you can ensure that your supply chain and other risks are reduced.

 We will cover:-

  1. Insurance as a tool
  2. How to make insurers pay
  3. Protecting Assets, Income & Reputation
  4. The top five things insurance companies don’t want you to know and what to ask them to check their credibility

After we work with our clients they are 100% certain they  have what they need. One MD reduced exposure to unexpected losses by 80% within 30 days and now is an MD who now sleeps soundly.

Find out how you can achieve the same and often reduce your costs at the same time.



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