The Doyle Club is the premier, long established, discreet organisation providing prestigious networking opportunities for people engaged in, or associated with, construction, property, development and FM.

Meetings of The Doyle Club take place at lunchtime in the City of London, on the first Thursday of each month and attract around 300 members and guests. Most meetings are sponsored by Member’s respective companies and are conducted in a relaxed, convivial atmosphere. Members of The Doyle Club enjoy a strong spirit of friendship and camaraderie. Membership of The Doyle Club is strictly by recommendation and invitation only and only members can book our ticket only events. Other than any expense incurred to one’s own account (the bar) at meetings, membership of The Doyle Club costs nothing. Yes that means free! We provide industry leading seminars before each network meeting and hold 4 special events a year. We are informal and very relaxed. Humour and enjoyment is however, our mantra. If you would like to join but do not know a Member or would simply like to find out more about becoming a member of the Doyle Club, then our Chairman, Brad Bamfield or Senior Vice chairman, Mark Lye would be delighted to hear from you. This is a long page please scroll down for more information.


This month's meeting sponsor is Heald Solicitors


Securing the Future of Your Business – A seminar covering a range of topics on: how to defend your business from threats, maintain your reputation, fix problems in the property industry and protecting your wealth and ownership.

What we do:

  • Heald Solicitors are long established commercial solicitors in Milton Keynes. But we are not just lawyers; we have wider skills and life experience which help us to understand the needs of business.
  • We have always been attuned to the commercial needs of business, with particular skills in relation to advising IT, technology and manufacturing companies including those with international interests.

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The June meeting sponsor was D&M Contractors Ltd

Protecting The Professional – A seminar looking at the role of the construction and property professional and how to protect your business.

What we do:

  • Work with many brand leading and household names, partnering with them to deliver high quality and tailored solutions utilising total quality procedures
  • Systems and services across our offering are designed to allow your business to continue operating efficiently, from our in-house mechanical and electrical capabilities to fully-integrated building fabric maintenance, help desk and customer support systems.
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1st July 2016 - Securing the Future of Your Business

This month, the Head Solicitors team from Heald Solicitors will cover a range of topics: how to defend your business from threats, maintain your reputation, fix problems in the property industry and protecting your wealth and ownership.

Speakers: David Dees, Caroline Wilton & Abbie Howson

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Click the link to book More

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