Quite simply we are a bunch of people from the property, construction, development and FM industry sectors who like to get together with like minded souls once a month for a beer, networking, a glass of wine, networking, food, networking, a larger, networking and generally a good time.

We are not formal, we don’t charge you to attend meetings or for the food and although the Club times were 1pm to 3pm that is now extended as many members arrive just after noon and we are usually still going strong after 5pm.

Membership costs just £50.00 per year and , there are no committees, no AGM, no voting on anything and there is no nonsense as our magnificent Chairman, Brad Bamfield, rules as a benevolent dictator.

We have Chairman Brad, and 4 Vice Chairmen, Mark (senior VC), Tracey, Paul and Tim aka Basil, but in the best dictatorial tradition they are unelected (some say unelectable) and are not often seen in the same room together.

You can also join our LinkedIn group but this website is our main conduit of information.

Of course plying the Chairman or any Vice Chairman with libations will have no effect whatsoever and will not influence the membership committee to look favourably on your application. However, please feel free to try – one day a potential member will get lucky.

So who are the noble and august paragons of virtue who work unstintingly for the benefit of the members, these fine gentlemen and ladies who run, manage and promote the finest network club in the UK?

Find out more about the committee here.